Monday, 7 April 2014

WWE Wrestlemania30 The Streak Ends

I rarely blog about WWE on my blog but this time it's different.
The biggest event in WWE calendar has to be Wrestlemania. There is always a match that the whole world pay to watch, that is The Undertaker's Streak.
Though WWE match is scripted, it is still amazing that people are paying to watch it, especially the Streak of 21-0 by The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

Just in case you do not know who The Undertaker is......

He is one of the longest servant WWE has ever had, and he holds the Streak of 21-0 at Wrestlemania (the biggest event in WWE).


The Streak is Over! 21-1!

Ended by a PART TIMER Brock Lesnar.

Well....the crowd is dead silent after Lesnar's shocking win. Nobody expects The Undertaker to go down 1-2-3. Even the announcer is slow to react to this, not to mention those staffs who work on the music and lighting. Everyone is just plain stunned! are right.
As stunned as this man.

Even Brock Lesnar has to retreat to backstage after his victory because the crowd is just dead silent. He does not know what to do nor should he be celebrating this shocking victory. The only reason behind his victory is only known by WWE. I am sure lots of the Full Time Wrestlers will be very upset that a part timer hogs this glory. Why would Undertaker deliver his torch to a part timer? No idea.

The only possible explanation is maybe Brock signs a long term contract with WWE, making him full time. Or the other flimsy explanation could be if The Undertaker wants to end the streak, he has to lose to someone with a huge fame like Brock Lesnar. At least this wont make the likes of Triple H, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels who succumbed to the streak in the past looks bad. Well, just saying......

Steve Austin is equally Shock, that explains a lot.

this Wrestlemania has its great moments to remember as well.
Especially the kick-off.
We have.....................
Hell Yeah!
The three living legends on the same stage.
What you gonna do brother!
Drinking more beer!
If you smell what the legends are cooking.......

And the Main Event.
The Curtain Closer.......

This is the only way to close Wrestlemania30.
Or the fans will really RIOT!
What a roller coaster night for the WWE Universe.
Kudos to Daniel Bryan for winning the WWE World Heavyweight Champions.

Lastly, kudos to The Undertaker who pulls out this shocker. I am sure it will be a talking point for a long long time. Perhaps, Wrestling is entering a new era, without the old guards anymore.

Team Bring It 25/7

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Our Football 15 Years Ago

Are you engaged by the title?
Well, when I wrote 15 years ago, I am writing with accordance to my age, which means the football journey that I had when I was 9 year old and so on. However, I believe that a lot of people have the same exciting journey that I had when they came in contact with a ball, namely Football.

Someone shared the rules of Football as a kid on the web. I find it extremely interesting and thus decide to share the golden rules here, of course with some of the add-on by myself. These are the rules that you and I went through.

1. The fattest people is always the goalkeeper.

2. The person who brings the ball decides who get to play.

3. When the ball owner gets pissed off, the game is over.

4. No referee. Penalties and free kick are only awarded when the injured player swears a lot.

5. There is no proper scoreline to determine who is the winner. The winner is always determined by the "last goal".

6. Bags and slippers are always the best goal post.

7. Two innocent leaders always need to pick their own teammates. If you are picked last, you are usually the weakling that nobody wants.

8. It's always a NO goal if the ball pass the goal line in mid-air.

9. Tiki-taka? Nehh...individual brilliance matters most.

Every time I look back at those rules, I find it very cheeky and yet very true. These are the little things that we cherish in life.

Are you sharing the same moments and feeling?

Team Bring It

Saturday, 15 March 2014

When East meets West

Mucho Gusto!

When Liu Yang published a book called "东西相遇" (When East meets West), she wrote about the differences between the East culture and the West culture. In fact, she used simple pictures to illustrate the differences. I find it very interesting, thus sharing several pictures with you.

1. Queue
In my humble opinion, I would rather say the difference in queuing is down to a country development progress. I believe maybe because the Western countries are more developed, hence more polite and civilized?!?!, that explains why the queue is always in order.

It could be also because Asians are more impatient. They want to get things done fast, know the information earlier. It's called the desire!

2. Travel
I know the Western people love to do backpacking, but I think lots of the students regardless from where are beginning to do so. The Eastern people love to travel in a group? Yes I agree. It is more fun!

3. Noise
Of course laaaa, travel in a group, confirm very LOUD!
We scare nobody knows that we are here maaa....
Speak so softly? can hear meh?
Pattern nia....
I believe this is the East culture. Haha!

4. Time
No doubt, Western people are very punctual.
For the East, I wish I could say that you have high time awareness.....but everytime I look at the wedding event, it is written on the card 7pm start. However, we know they usually start at 8+....

5. Conversation
I'm afraid I have to disagree on this picture.
Apparently I think the Western people are less straightforward. They tend to act nicer and try not to hurt your feeling. In other words, White Lie!

6. Companion
Majority perhaps?
It's all down to family culture.
And also the festivals that allow the East to gather together more often.
Wait....the West do have Christmas....Well, the East celebrate that too. LOL!

7. Kid
Again, family culture and value.
Protected and pampered.

8. Boss
I heard a lot of the Eastern people have been saying about this.
Power Dominance by the East
And yes the West are looking for friendship dominance
but I do believe that things are changing. Bosses are mingling well with the employees. It must have a trend showing that.
I believe....

What do you think?
More Importantly, what else can you think of?
I have one in mind.
East are more likely to save money for the children, West are more likely to spend what they earn.

Team Bring It

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How Many Pairs of Shoes does a Woman Really Need

You’ve probably gathered just from the title of this piece that the majority of women have far more pairs of shoes than they are ever going to need, or indeed every going to wear. According to one report the average lady owns 21 different pairs of shoes but only actually wears 7 pairs . . . having said that I’m not sure who they were talking to. I know lots of women who have collections of forty or even fifty pairs of shoes so there must be a few with only a couple of pairs for the averages to work out. Another study apparently discovered that one in twenty women have in excess of 50 pairs of high heels – no, that’s not a misprint, it’s not a typo – 50 pairs of heels alone, that’s not including boots, sandals, sneakers, flip flops or anything else.

Before I digressed - the point is that although these women have got 21 pairs of shoes they only use 7 of them! What makes them buy so many shoes which they are never even going to wear?
The thing is that there are just so many different types of shoes for women – flip flops, high heels, sandals (with or without heels), sneakers, boots, bowling shoes for women – the choice is almost endless. By the way there are some fabulous womens bowling shoes at in case you were wondering where to buy even more shoes!
Buying new shoes can make a woman feel good about herself and really improve her self esteem, even if she knows she won’t ever wear them. There are some women who admit to buying shoes in the wrong size because they just looked so cute – how does that work?

I’m sure that many women who don’t even have such a passion for shoes have more pairs than they actually realize – go and count them now.
I surprised myself, although the sort of person who prides herself on only buying clothes and shoes that are really needed, when I actually counted my shoe collection I was quickly up to the mid thirties – some of them I hadn’t seen for years!
Feet don’t get larger and smaller like many other parts of the body which is one reason why so many women find it difficult to part with shoes even if they haven’t worn them for years. Even after a fair few years some shoes may have been worn only on “high days and holidays” – for the occasional family wedding or funeral, you know how it is. These shoes are still in such fabulous condition that it would be sacrilege to part with them . . . just in case they were ever needed again.
One thing about shoes is that they are incredibly easy to try on and buy – that’s not to say that they weren’t perfectly comfortable in the store and you could walk in them only to find that when you get home your toes are cramped and you can’t manage more than a couple of steps without tottering over.  You don’t need a changing room for shoes, you don’t need to strip off and try anything on – it’s easy and extremely satisfying.

Shoes are an extension of an outfit, an extension of the legs and an extension of the personality – surely no man could begrudge that!  Buying shoes makes a woman feel good and if she feels good then she’ll also look good, it’s a scientific fact, and if it isn’t then it ought to be.

Friday, 28 February 2014

3 Lessons - February

Tiene un novia. (He has a girlfriend)
Just to give you a quick Spanish Lesson.

So, we are here!
The 3 lessons in February.

First Lesson: Basic Human Needs
In this modern world, the Pyramid of Basic Human Needs is outdated. In fact, it can still be used, but we ought to add another layer to it.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the biggest and most important layer of the Pyramid,

Couldn't be more True.
Gen Y era = WiFi & WiFi & WiFi & WiFi

Second Lesson: Creativity Is Important
We have seen so many advertisements before, but how many have actually caught our attention? I do know that in Thailand, they have one of the most creative, attention-seeking advertisements. Go to youtube and have a look at any of the Thai's advertisements.
You will give a like!
In Malaysia, we aren't half bad either. Well at least.....

McDonald Malaysia cares about you.
Advertisement effect wise: A Great Success!
I give a like!

Third Lesson: Power of Words
Words are powerful tools.
The Great People like to say that words usage determine a person's life.
This is why we have to read more often because even just a word, it can bring different meanings. If we read more, we understand more about the underlying meaning of words.
Let me show you an example of the Power of Words.

It seems like the mother wants them to play SAFE!
A very caring mother indeed.
However, if you could figure out the underlying meaning of this short memo, you will realize that the mummy wants to be the grandma.
Talk about the Power of Words..... and of course a few pins.....

Team Bring It

Monday, 17 February 2014

Art is Rubbish is Art

Today I bring you......ART!
The photo was taken at the entrance.
Those words were put up by Ernest Zacharevic, an artist famous for transforming Penang Heritage Zone with his murals, or what we call the street arts.
Do you remember those arts on the wall?
This time, Ernest did it once again at Hin Company.
I shall bring you to explore!

"Michael Jackson"
The name it is.
Apparently White milk + Black coffee = Teh Tarik
Similarly for the famous popstar.
This is Art, brother!

Is it because this is the year of horse?
Kids are riding on horses.
Locked in a battle of Art!

More Arts!
I did not figure out the meaning behind the murals.
Why does the kid has to put a cone on his head and being shirtless as well?

The Sleeping Beauty?
Kissed by his princess?
Totally Shell Shocked by this reverse fairy tale.
It shouldn't be told this way.
No! No! No!

The Real Grin
This piece of art is inspiring. IMO.

When you walk to the backyard....
See...the kids with cone again
What does that mean?
Anyway, what is behind the door? Could it be a surprise? Hehe.....

Turn to your right, you shall see Row the Boat
I understand this
The kid on the left is scared, because he does not have an oar

Behind the Door
拱桥! The Archbridge Acrobat!
Anyone up for a challenge? I'm practicing it. I will "arch" it and walk.
The Real Art is Rubbish
Recycling the usage of rubbish bags
Indeed, rubbish can be art as well, if you are creative enough

More Arts!
Rock n Roll style
It amazes me that such simple art can be so entertaining
Uncle on a trishaw...Penang style

Talk about Art....
Even the toilet sign is a piece of art
Art is amazing and useful

That's the location!
Team Bring It style. We leave our mark.
Finally, the location is at Hin Bus Deport Centre.
To be exact, it is opposite Hotel Grand Continental, nearby the junction of Jalan Gurdwara and Lebuh Presgrave aka 二条路.

It is rumored that they are closing it down after Chinese New Year. I am not sure how likely is that. Therefore,if you would like to take photos with the arts, be quick!

Enjoy the Rubbish/Art!

Team Bring It

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bringing Happiness for the Kids at Seri Cahaya

Mucho Gusto!

I always hear from radio about the World Vision. I believe that it is a child sponsorship program, which in my opinion is a really marvelous program. There are so many things that we can do to create happiness, be it for ourselves or for others. The ability to create happiness is unique and yet easy to develop.

Though I am not part of the program, that does not mean that I do not care for the kids who need our helps. My main aim is to first help the kids in Penang, and then when my capability grows, I shall extend my helps to the whole Malaysia and then to the world. You can do the same too.

Approximately one week before CNY, Chiauyee, her colleagues and I went to visit Seri Cahaya which was located at Batu Mau. We wanted to offer helps to those who need them while we can because it's a blessing to be able to help someone. Also, this event was organized as part of Motorola Solutions Charity Drive event. I took this opportunity to volunteer because I wanted to utilize my free time to do something meaningful. Grin!

Many daily life necessities bought at Sunshine Square.
Thanks to those who kindly donated.
You know those detergent, washing powder etc. etc. were for the adults at Seri Cahaya.
Therefore, I believe that the kids love.....

Titbits and sweets!
And YES! The kids love them.
We managed to separate all the items into 40 paper bags so that we can give the kids as presents.
Books and colour pencils were useful for them as well.
You know, kids loved to draw with different colours. When you give them options, their creativity grew rapidly.

Her Kid.
During the visit, I realized that kids nowadays were really smart and living up to the expectation to lead a life in the Information Age.
They were very familiar with all the smartphones and especially the camera.
"Come, take photo"
They posed for you, with a big wide Grin!

Some of the kids were sleeping when we were there.
Some agitated kids were up and received their presents.
All the happy kids.
Happiness was such a contagious thing. It made the people around them happy as well. Grin!

Told you.
They can pose with ease.
Anytime, anywhere. Even Before the camera was ready.

People, Giving is the Best Receiving.

The world would be a good place to live in if everyone is ready to give.
When you gather small power together, it can become a bomb.

Team Bring It 25/7

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Flappy Bird

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I bring you the Flappy Bird!

The Mario Like Apps Game
Amazingly, with this kind of graphic, it can gain so much fame.
Epitomize of Thinking out of the Box to make money
Your task is simple.
To navigate the bird through the obstacle course of green metal pipes.
Sounds too easy?
Wait until you have tried it.
Yes, just tap on your screen!
Tap and tap and tap and tap and tap....until breathless
Unfortunately, this game is very difficult to play. According to CNN,

"Its addictiveness and absurd level of difficulty have driven many to the brink of madness and spawned a number of online rants and hysterical reviews."

Once the bird hit the green pipes, the game is over.
You cant even afford the slightest touch of it.
This game is so madly difficult until the point that a teen boy killed his brother after his brother achieved a higher score than him in the game. That boy just could not contain his jealousy and anger. Fortunately, it has been proven that it's just another internet hoax spurred by the parody news website.

Though it's very addictive, I have set an exit strategy for myself.
That is when I achieve 100 and above, I will retire from this great achievement.
70 times, for me it's a massive achievement.
Not much enthusiasm to continue the game now as I find it really absurd even though it's addictive. I am beginning to restrict myself from being addicted.
I choose NOT TO.

Anyway, for those who are really pissed with the game, please continue to read as I have found a magical solution to your problem.
Feeling angry? Irritated? Dulan?
Try to smack your screen? Dump your innocent phone? The feeling of quit playing but could not stop because you want to break the damn game?

Fret Not.
If you are not done with it, I have got two words for ya......"Squishy Bird"!
The counter attack to the ever irritating Flappy Bird.
You may click Squishy Bird for the game play.
An overall screenshot looks like this

Squish the bird!
When the bird flies through the green pipes, SQUISH IT!!!!!!
Apparently you will get bonus points for doing the double kill! LOL!!!!!

In conclusion, whether it's the flappy bird or the squishy bird, it's just a game. If you got carried away by the game, this shows that you are not mentally strong enough. Train your mind, get stronger than the game. When it comes to Human vs Game, Human always win because they have options to choose from.

Team Bring It
The Lik

Saturday, 1 February 2014

BreakTheCode - Ultimate Real Room Escape

Mucho Gusto!

All About Escaping!
Can you find clues to break the code?
There are 4 themes waiting for you to challenge. They are Kidnapped, Detective X, Pirate Ship and Crazy Lab. According to the brochure, Detective X and Crazy Lab are assigned 3 and a half difficulty stars, while Kidnapped has got 4 stars and lastly 4 and a half star for Pirate Ship.
However, the staff who works there told me that most participants successfully escaped from the Kidnapped theme, which was the reason why we decided to start my Room Escape experience on that theme.

More Importantly, our main aim was to.......
Rescue my Buddy TED!
Ted is waiting for us.
Stay there Ted, we are coming to save you! 
Nahhh...Just kidding with that.
As I said, it's all about escaping, not rescuing or anything else.
What I am about to tell you next is SPOILER! The SPOILER about Kidnapped theme. Maybe more to my experience. If you had not tried it before and wanted to try it in the near future, you should stop reading. If you don't mind being spoiled for a theme (as you can still go for the other 3 themes), you may scroll down and enjoy reading our summarized experience during the escape.

Well, we were blindfolded before being led into a room. Seemed like it was a real kidnap. We were sort of handcuffed and our very first task was to unlock the cuff. The clue amazingly lied on the box that contained the key, which didn't make much sense as they expected you to figure out that 3 tiny holes = 333 (combination to unlock).

Anyway, there was a real toilet bowl which I thought was the best part for the whole game. There was a poo in the toilet bowl. Without any doubt, it was a clue to unlock the lock to the next room. Just pay attention to the different colours painted on that very poo and you will decipher the combinations.

Upon crawling to the next room, we realized that we were actually behind the bars. If you were someone who loved to scavenge around, you might accidentally find the tools to grab the key. What happened next was the clever usage of a UV torch. Apparently the UV torch was very much useful and helpful to figure out the codes. Our efforts were halted at that point as 1 hour was up.

The Moral of the Story is "Do Not Complicate Simple Things".
It's great to think out of the box but please do not pay too much attention to all those minor things in the room.
The Real Escape is often the most straightforward escape.

Cost : approx RM30 per person
(10% off if you check in at your Facebook for them...A great marketing strategy indeed)

Duration : 1 hour
(If you could not escape on time, you may console your teammates by saying Why So Serious?!?!)

Location: 2nd floor, Belissa Row, along Jalan Burma
(Yea....Haagan Daz downstair)

I suggest you to call to make reservation. Three people in a team would be ideal. As what the Confucius said "Among three people, there is always one whom we can learn from"

Team Bring It

Thursday, 9 January 2014

3 Lessons - January

Buenos Dias!
Hola, mucho gusto!

Those 2 phrases are in Spanish language, meaning Good Morning! Hello, pleased to meet you! I have been learning it for 2 weeks using the Duolingo app. During this interesting 2 weeks, I learn several basic phrases as well as some food nouns like fresa, azúcar, manzana and pollo (strawberry, sugar, apple and chicken).

Back to the topic today.
I suddenly have this idea to blog about 3 lessons monthly that I have learned/which I will learn. Apart from keeping my blog forward, I can also share the lessons with you which could be valuable or they might even awaken you since they are my words of wisdom. Grin!

The first Lesson in January, it has to be about the society. The Malaysian Society.
"Naik! Just DUIT!"
I sincerely believe that this piece of art is pure genius, a pure reflection of what is going on in Malaysia. Everything Naik, only the rain Turun. The latest Naik has to be Ron97 petrol, or did I miss out on any other Naik?
If Nike wanted us to Just Do it, I think the government wants us to Just DUIT.
As the saying goes "If Money can solve a problem, then it's not a problem. But the problem with many Malaysians is that they don't have the money." 
How to Just DUIT?
Somebody enlightens me please.

The 2nd Lesson: Daily Life Value
"The Top 9 Illogical but Common Lies"
1. Wife: I only shop around, would not be buying anything.
2. Colleagues: Buy you meals next time.
3. Boss: Just a short while.
4. Fashion shop: This cloth is specifically designed for you.
5. Husband: I'm in a meeting.
6. Ticket Officer: The next train will arrive shortly.
8. Waiter: The dish will be ready in a minute.
9. Kids: Mum, I promise I will only eat one.

I sincerely agree with number 8. What about you? Have you experienced any before?

Also, does anyone realize that there is no number 7? I congratulate you if you had, proves that you are not merely following what the words say.
I think it's a lie too when they told you Top 9 Lies.

Lastly, the 3rd Lesson of the month is My Own Personal Learning.

Word of the month: 活在当下 (Live in the present)

If you don't live in the present, you either live in the past or in the future. Living in the past shows that you refuse to accept the reality, whether it's past glory or past calamity. The world is constantly changing all the time. You need to live in the present, make changes according to present in order to survive.

Live in the future. Some might argue and say Live in the future is a good sign, showing that you are ahead of everyone. However, in my humble opinion, when you talk about your future, you are technically telling lies because no one knows exactly what's going to happen in the future. Therefore, instead of living in a luxurious future which has yet to become true, why don't we live in the present and start working towards a glorious future?

If you can Live in the Present, I congratulate you.


Team Bring It