Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Thank You and Off To the Next Phase

Dear Readers,

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you for the continuous support on this blog. I truly appreciate that. It's never easy to contribute for over 650 posts in a span of 7 years.

As you would have realized, this blog has been on hiatus for quite some time because the author has been secretly working on his new project. I bet you already saw where this post is heading to. Yes, the author is officially closing the curtain for this blog. Shed tears....

This will be the farewell post.

The first phase of my blogging career is officially completed.

From now onward, we are heading towards the next phase. A brand new experience on the second phase,, where it will be more people-centric rather than about the author. I believe that change is the only constant in life. That is also why I am ending this blog and embarking on my second phase of blogging career.

Please continue your raucous supports for my new blog which can be found at

The author promises to improve his writing style and share his views on every interesting issue around us.

New Blog. New Vision. New Journey.

I Bring It!

First phase of blogging career ends on 23rd June 2015.

Monday, 20 April 2015

A Song for the LDR couple

I believe this song fits well for the Long Distance Relationship couple.

Team Bring It
The Lik

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

To all Papa and their naughty children

I wish to dedicate this song to all the naughty children!
We have heard a song on 世上只有妈妈好, today I share with you a modern song on our Papa!
The lyrics could not be any better.
Nice song and epic lyrics.

"時光時光慢些吧 不要再讓你變老了"
(May Time moves slower, do not let you get older as each day pass by"

(The children that you always worry of have grown up!)

May all the children appreciate the time with their daddys, mummys and families!
Family love is the strongest bond in the world.
Time to Appreciate if you havent!

Team Bring It
The Lik

Sunday, 28 December 2014

We Are Malaysian - Survival

"Soli ah Boss......"
"Ho Jiak looo........"
Tag my restaurant location
"On the way....on the way.... traffic jam la......"
Cuti-cuti Malaysia~ ~ ~ Oh oh oh Balik Kampung ~ ~ ~

Reading the above few quotes, are you familiar with them? If yes, then you are a Malaysian. If not, you need to practice harder to be a Malaysian. Grin!
I came across this topic and found it to be very interesting. With some own added elements, allow me to share with you on the topic We Are Malaysian - Survival. Why survival? Because you need all these traits to survive in Malaysia.

Everybody is your Boss
The best and most effective way to be friend with someone is by referring him/her as Boss!
In Malaysia, everyone is our boss.
We do not pay attention to the title he/she holds. Those whom you need help or whom you are thankful of are you bosses!
In Mamak stall, when you are ordering, "Boss, tambah kuah...lebih sikit"
Then when you are paying pay, the workers will say "Thank you boss! Datang Lagi"
So, who is who now?
Who is the boss now?
Only in Malaysia!

The Hand of God
Let me tell you something brother....
To survive in Malaysia, apart from calling others Boss.... your hand...to be more exact your palm plays a pivotal role.
This palm of yours is so powerful that you might not realize of its magic just yet.
If you are looking for traffic lights to cross the road, forget it.
Raise your hand at the cars and they will stop!
All Malaysian Drivers will listen to your hand. Amazingly......
Therefore, instead of wasting time to look for traffic lights or zebra lines, why not look for the invisible Hand of God roadsign?
It's Everywhere in Malaysia!

Kalau Menang, Cuti Besok
Always have to say Cuti and Cuti and still Cuti!
Cuti means Holidays!
Malaysia already has plenty of holidays (around 18 per year I think) but that never stops our fellow Malaysian to crave for more Cuti!
Everytime when Malaysian team is playing in the final, normally football or Badminton, all Malaysian will unite together and cheer for the team. Are we that united?
Yes of course we are.
Only for one aim, Kalau Menang, Cuti Besok! (If we win, next day will be Holiday)
And we bring it to twitter, to Facebook to share our 'propaganda'. Ah Jib Gor will be very busy on that night. Unfortunately, we often lose. :(
But nevertheless, it could be a good way to promote our tourism "Cuti Cuti Malaysiaaaaaa ~ ~ ~"
Cuti-cuti in Malaysia!

No matter how hungry you are, taking photo of your food is the main priority
Like the title says, Malaysians are very fond of taking photos of their food.
Well, instagram has this hashtag call #foodporn
I am not too sure about the other country people, if they are doing this. To me, it's perfectly okay to take photos with your food, whether you cook it or purchase it.
Respect the rights!
Malaysian's way of having good meals.

Traffic Jam.... Deal with it!
There's a joke about the traffic jam in Malaysia.
"Terrorists will never target Malaysia because there was once a member of them tried to take down the twin towers but failed miserably as the bomb exploded in the middle of the road due to traffic jam."
With so many cars, traffic jam is bound to exist. The question is how do you deal with it?
My suggestion would be play some motivational/business/finance CD. While you stuck in the jam, instead of spending time to curse the traffic, why not make full use of the time by enhancing yourself with new knowledge?
OR tune in 89.90 BFM (KL) which I believe it's a good radio station. Very educational and informative.

So, can you survive as a Malaysian, putting aside the inflation, GST issues......
These are the minimal requirements to survive as a Malaysian!
Malaysia Boleh.
Apa apa pun Boleh!

Team Bring It
The Lik

Saturday, 20 December 2014

4 minutes Read To Challenge Your Thinking

Wassup People!
The Lik wishes everyone a Merry Merry Christmas and may you receive your favourite gifts from your secret santa. Hohoho~~

Today, I just want you to spend 4 minutes to read the message that I am about to share with you. If you have already practicing all the good habits, then let the message sinks into your mind and revise them everyday. Otherwise, I challenge your mind to take action to differentiate your good and bad habits, for a better life.

Your Thinking Defines Who You Are
What your brain is thinking defines what kind of a person you are. Let me share with you a story to understand your mind better.

"A salesperson was tasked to sell shoes in a very poor country. Upon reaching there, the salesperson realized that all the citizens were walking with barefoot because they could not afford to buy shoes. What do you think of the salesperson's chances?"

      Negative Thoughts: Die la Die la....they are too poor to afford those shoes!
      Positive Thoughts: Opportunities everywhere...Can achieve high sales!

So, do you know if you are a positive or negative person now?

You Always Complain
Easiest way to lie to yourself: Complain
You always complain about your heavy workload and peanut pay. You complain about the inefficiency of others. You complain about the traffic jam. You complain about the lousy government. All these actions spread negative particles to your surrounding.
In fact, try to be thankful because you get paid to learn so many things which will propel your career. Be thankful because you are always more efficient than others. Be thankful because you can still reach home, albeit a bit later. Be thankful because you have the opportunity to replace the government and create a better nation.

Passion Rules
You are doing something because you have to do it.
Why not devote your passion into it and do something because you want to do it?
Amazingly, everything you do will be more effective.

Knowledge, Above All Should be Revered
Reading helps.
It improves your knowledge.
However, knowledge is only the potential power. It only transforms into actual power the moment you start to act on it.
Hence, knowledge + action, above all should be revered.

Health > Money + Career + Success + Time
Are you aware of your food intake?
Are you doing exercise at least once a week?
Are you treating your body good enough?
Are you having enough sleep?
If you don't spend time for your health, eventually you will spend your time, money, career and success for illness.
A healthy person has the extra longevity to do what he/she wants.

4 minutes, Time's UP!
Time to Challenge Your Thinking!
Start practicing Kaizen (改善)

The Lik
Team Bring It

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Observation - a Valuable Skill in Life

Today, I have the urge to share with you about the skill of Observation.
You see, for someone who is so talkative like myself, I always miss out the main point of the dialogue, that is understanding the reaction of the listeners. I believe this is the same for some people. This brings us to the skill of Observation.

From the stage, a speaker can easily observe the reaction of his/her audience, but many choose not to do so due to the fear of rejection from the crowd.

Similarly, when we are in a group, the most talkative person usually does not have time to observe the people around him/her. That's why, often the person who keep silent is always the best observer. Therefore, today our topic talks about the importance of Observation, whether you are a talkative person, or an introvert, this skill is ought to be picked up.

The main purpose to pick up this skill,
Observation: You Can Understand The People Around You

1) Does he/she really want to help you?
In life, they say through communication, you can know a person. Today, The Lik says through observation, you can truly know a person, surface and inner side.
With strong observation skill plus a little bit of sixth sense, understanding the people around you isn't that difficult. The only thing is are you prepared to face the real nature of the people around you?

I hope you understand the picture above.
A kesian man tries to ask for help from a gentleman who pretends to help, despite having a ladder next to him.
With strong observation skill, the kesian man even in deep shits, he will not even hope that the person would save him because he is very much well aware of the entire situation.

2) Does he/she really need helps?
Well, you see.....
I have been thinking that there must be a different picture to the one above.
The only difference will be instead of having the ladder on top, now the ladder is in the mud hole, right next to the kesian man. It is fully functional for anyone who tries to climb it.
Get that picture?

Now, what do you think of the situation?
A gentleman sincerely offers his helps to the kesian man who now pretends to ask for helps, despite having a ladder next to him.
If you are the gentleman, you would have observed that the kesian man may have some modus operandi behind by pretending to ask for helps.
The so called kesian man might not need your helps after all.

So, when you apply both stories to your daily life, are you able to observe something different now?

3) Who is the Angel? Who is the Devil?
Your angel may turn out to be a devil.
Your devil of course stays as a devil.
But the question is....... which one do you prefer to befriend more?
Translation: The Botak is watering the plant with Boiled water, despite holding a sign which says "Protect the Plants"

So, is the botak kia an angel to you? or a devil?
If someone is already a devil to you, you are very much safe. However, if someone is an angel to you, either you are very much secured and lucky OR you are in deep shits soon.
Therefore, if you are able to use your observation and again a little bit of sixth sense, everyone can be angel to your eyes, but deep down your heart you know who is the angel, who is the devil.

4) Observation is Learning to be a Better Person
If you don't observe, how do you learn from others?
Through reading is one way, through observation may be a big leap.
Someone who is rich, you observe the way they work, you learn.
Someone who has a good connection, you observe his/her personality, you learn.
Someone who is smart, you observe his/her hobby, you learn.
Someone who is a devil, you observe the repercussion, you learn not to follow.
If you don't observe, you will forever be the poor man with a straw hat, always be exploited by others.

"If you make listening and observation part of your work, you will gain much more than you can by talk"

Team Bring It
The Lik

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Thoughts for Personal Development

Dear Readers,

Today, I want to share with you on my thoughts to develop yourself. Ever since I pick up the habit of reading, I realize that my thinking is improving daily. Meanwhile, my life has become more positive and healthy. Reading does create wonders to my personal development path. Hereby, I want to share with you on 5 thoughts about enhancing personal development and hopefully at the end of the post, it can create a positive impact on your thoughts.

The Positive Minded People
I try really really hard to stay positive in spite of all the circumstances against me. A thought is just like a slideshow in our mind. If there is ever a negative thought in your mind, slide it out of your mind and replace it with a positive one.

You see, all our happiness or sadness come from our mind. And our mind shapes our mentality. Therefore, learn to control your mind. It's us that decides our mentality, not the surrounding/situation/circumstances. I believe that the positive minded people are always one step ahead of others. Self Mastery is the DNA of Life Mastery.

When the glass door collapsed on my sister and I last month, after pieces of glasses finally stopped showering on us (which seemed like eternally), my first thought was 'limpek si really fortunate to be still living despite all the cuts and scars on my limbs.'

Learn Sales Techniques
I always hate to do sales. I know that a lot of people when they are idling in the mall, they hate to be interrupted by the salespersons. This is because our perception towards the word "Do Sales" is very bad, but surprisingly majority love the word "Sales" at supermarket. Irony.....

Well, love it or hate it, it is very important for us to learn to sell. Do you realize that everyday we are selling ourselves to other people? The way we look, the way we dress, the way we behave, all these show that we are embracing the sales techniques. When we are presenting, in fact we are selling our ideas to people as well. If you can't sell, you can't succeed.

To be fair, I have never seen successful people who can't sell. Learn it now!
It could be your final piece to success.

Do Things that You Feel Uncomfortable
This is very challenging.
Who wants to be uncomfortable? If I had to pick between crying in a BMW or on a bicycle, I would definitely pick BMW. At least it's more comfortable for my already very sad soul.

But again, if everyone stays in their own comfort zone, you have to come out in order to be stand out. Continual Change is the toughest challenge for people. When change comes, it means you have to either adapt or perish. The period of adapting is the most uncomfortable.

If you don't move out, you cant reach the magic bullets.
I believe that everyone comes to this world with a destined purpose. The only way to manifest our highest potential is by constantly moving out from our comfort zone, in search for that magic moment.
If you let your life gets too comfortable, you better not complain of what's coming next. It might haunt you. The only time when your life should get very smooth is when you pass away peacefully.

Never Give Up
"Every Champion was once a contender that refused to give up"

For many, the easiest way to solving a problem is quitting. Being ignorant will not solve any problem. It only prolongs the problem.

You never know how close you are in achieving your dream.
Sometimes no matter how hard you try, it just won't work, hence leaving you with no option but to give up. I believe it is just the way you approach your dream is not efficient. Hence, if you refuse to give up, you will find many other more creative ways to achieve your dream. Usually, it is more efficient and time saving.
The attitude you should have is Never Give Up. The diamonds are ahead of you.
Every arrow that hits the bull's eye is the result of hundred misses. Never fear failure, for it can only make you stronger.

The last thought I want to share with you is sharing.
Sharing your thoughts with others is a very effective way to enhance your personal development.
Through sharing, you understand the depth of your thoughts and hence able to work on it.
Through sharing, you learn from one another.
Through sharing, you know your circle of friends who share the same values as you.
Through sharing, you propel yourself towards success, for success is never meant for stingy person.
Through sharing, you overcome your fear to sell your thoughts to others.
Through sharing, you exit your comfort zone and embrace new knowledge.

Team Bring It
The Lik

Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Lik is Back

The Blog will be revived soon.....
Very soon........
In case you are still reading this blog, I thank you for your continuous support.
Before I find my gear to kick start the blog again.....
How about we enjoy some music first.

Been my favourite song in 2013. Still is.
It's amazing how we still like something especially a song after one year.
Everyone has his/her music world. It's just a matter of time before that one particular song clicks in.

GEM Tang tells us she is here!
Her first song performed in the show "I am Singer".
All of us are waiting for that one single moment to blossom. The question is are you ready for it? Be courageous, be ambitious, chance favours the brave.

The Lik
Team Bring It

Monday, 25 August 2014

BPL 2014/15 GW1 and GW2

yo yo yo!
The premier league is back again!
Time for the football fever after the World Cup.
This time, The Lik does have lots of great things to share with you regarding gameweek 1 and gameweek 2. When there is football, there are jokes all around!

The very first highlights has to be ..............
Finally Moyes gets to hold this!
Guess Louis Van Gaal began his record breaking achievement in style!
"The first Man Utd manager to lose the opening game at Old Trafford!"
Even though Moyes's achievements in Man Utd are not something that we can forget easily, it looks like we have to move forward with LVG at helm.
More records to come?

Did something just hit the British 3m Platform Diving Legend aka Ashley Young's mouth?
Cant get any worse than that when you are playing football. Eww......
Here's a guess of what has hit him.
1. Bird Poo
2. Someone's spat
3. God said SHUT THE F UP!

The third highlight of the week has to be........
I know what you are thinking!
No...not the butt.......Put your dirty mind aside.
I am looking at the number 26 (John Terry), silently but surely approaching the medical staff.
If you know what I mean. *smirk*

We are in the week of ALS Ice Bucket challenge.
Hence, sharing this picture with you is very suitable.
I just have to laugh at Torres, Ramos, Neymar and our almighty Diaby.
All the players epitomize their great heroic act in the past....
Torres >>> a player who has missed a lot of chances in front of the goal
Chamberlain >>> I am not even sure if that is chamberlain or gibbs
Young >>> as you can see from the picture above, it is a bird poo....awww gosh!
Ramos >>> Famously missed a penalty by sending his shot to the outer space
Neymar >>> Heroically fall down to ever minimal contact
Diaby >>> The Injured Stories of Abou Diaby is on fast selling at bookstore now.

Lastly, the biggest transfer rumor of the past 2 weeks.
Will Angel Di Maria sign for Man Utd?
He certainly won't by looking at the picture above....unless he is drunk....very drunk.

Team Bring It

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Fantasy Premier League

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
The premier league season is back!
Here is a sneak peek of my fantasy premier league team in season 2014-2015.

I am awaiting your challenge.
Nuff said.

Team Bring It

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

5 Natural Responses when People Post their Food Photo

I heard this topic from One FM and find it very amusing.
I am extremely fine with people who share their food photos on instagram or facebook because I am happy to acknowledge their satisfactions that they are having. Sometimes, it becomes a marketing strategy that lure me to visit that restaurant.
Frankly speaking, I always laugh at the comments made by the public because 90% of them are similar. It has become natural.

Please proceed to view the top 5 responses if you do not trust me.

#1 Bo Jiooooooooooooooo!
It's natural.
For those who often shout this, they will just bo jio at anything you post. Holidays bo jio, food pun bo jio... everything bo jio!
Please eat a banana for the love of god. Thats what we call JIO (in hokkien).
That explains why people Bo Jio you!
I mean the facial expression.

#2 Wahhhh Where is it?
I always find people who ask this is either a food lover or just plain too free!
Hamik Lu ai?
You do not know how to see my check in location?
Technology Era!

#3 Da Bao / I want toooooo
What? Da Bao? you mad bro?
If I really da bao, you better finish it. Wait, I am not even at the same location as you.
That is basically how the person who post the photo feels like.

#4 Yummy , then (emoticon)
Yes...all time favourite by majority
It means they like what you post! Congratulations! Your food is awesome!

#5 Waaahhh...so nice!
This is for those who do not know what to say, but still want to post something on your wall.
In short, for the too free netizens.
Bo nice I will post it up meh? Shake Head.

Mina, Wakarisama? (Everyone, do you understand?)

Which type of people are you?

Jaa Mata! (See You)

Team Bring It

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Post World Cup Analysis

La la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaa~
World Cup 2014 has come to the end, in a very climatic ending, with Super Mario Gotze scoring the extra time goal to win the trophy for Germany!
Well deserved winner!
They certainly play like a team. After all, for the past 3 World Cup tournaments, they have been at least the semi-finalist. This time, it's definitely their time to hog the glory.

Having said that, I have compiled a few great moments for this World Cup. Enjoy!
To sum them up,

England only highlights in the World Cup....
The staff who got injured during his over excited celebration when England equalized against Italy...
Glad that he missed the second goal conceded by England
He would be jumping up!

This goalkeeper has the best meme trending online
that shows how 'good' Brazil's attack was...Guess that's about it without Neymar
He has plenty of time to smoke his weed if wants to.

This World Cup could not get away with the bite from Luis Suarez
4 years ago, he was suarez-ing Ghana football team with his epic goal line save, using his hands of god. By the way, Suarez-ing is a term used in Ghana, meaning deliberately and cynically halting something from happening.
This time, a bite on Italian defender!
On world television. He is the best business for newspaper. Indeed, the name Suarez sells!

One Legendary manager!
His reaction every time his team messed up a great chance was simply epic and memorable.
He actually almost fainted when Higuain missed a golden opportunity for Argentina, only for his staffs to hold him up.
A great moment from him.

The Best fans award
he simply was devastated when Brazil went down 5-0 in the first 30 minutes.
later, he gave his own World Cup trophy to the German fans.
Moment to remember!
Great Sportsmanship from a fans who has been supporting Brazil all this while. Football at its best!

Louis Van Gaal, the Netherlands Manager must be feeling like jesus!
This was due to his masterful substitution on the very last minute of the extra time. He actually substituted a goalkeeper because he knew that his reserved keeper would give a very good performance during the penalty shoot out.
And you bet his tactic worked to the best! Tim Krul, the keeper who was substituted into the field saved 2 penalties en route to send Netherlands through to the semi final.
Master Stroke by Van Gaal!

The New United States Secretary of Defence - Tim Howard
Ok just kidding.
But I believe that the Americans would not mind.
This was due to his heroic performance against Belgium, in the match where he produced stunning saves after saves.
Unfortunately, the fortress has its limit. Not even Tim could prevent the Belgium from scoring in the extra time. Hard Luck, Mr Secretary of Defence.

Sweeper Keeper
The Golden Glove winner - Manuel Neuer
He has been sweeping from left to right, right to left. He certainly deserved the best goalkeeper award, maybe in contention for the best defender award too.
Just Search Algeria vs Neuer.
You will understand how good he is at defending, and how far he has come off from his position.
This is how we should play as a goalkeeper. Modern style.

Last but not least....
This is not for kids.
The Young Brazilian just got F***ed by entire German Soccer Team
Not even the porn hub could spare them
Database overloaded, apparently.
Sorry Brazil, 1-7 is just poor....Very poor.....

Team Bring It

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

5 Facts About LOL

Laugh Out Loud (LOL)....
This word has been trending since its inception.
The original meaning is supposed to be Laugh Out really Loudly because something funny tickles your brain. There are a few words such as LMAO (Laughing my ass off) and ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing) try to challenge its status quo as the most trending/handy short form to best describe your sexcited feeling, but all of them fail....

Unfortunately, the word LOL has been severely misused. Or maybe should I say the definition has broaden. It is no longer only used to describe your excited/funny feeling. The word LOL has been revolutionized. Let us take a look at the 5 facts about the word LOL.

1. lol
It means No!
"I duno how to do this wohhhh...Can you send me yours to refer?"
Nuff said.

It is used to describe your extremely sex-cited feeling.
Normally it means "Okay, quite funny... I actually laugh for a second, then only start typing LOLLLLLLLL. At least you got them laughing for a second.

3. It's a game.
The acronym for League of Legend.
Man loves this game.
Unfortunately, LOL still means Laugh Out Loud for me. Then, Now, Forever.

4. It means fullstop. Stop your shit now.
While you are so annoyed with somebody as they keep bothering you, by constantly replying lol....lol...lol to every thing they say is extremely useful.
If you have trouble understanding this, let me further explain to you.

5. Yes, it's funny.
A blonde was driving to work. Her husband called and told her to be careful because a crazy man was going the wrong way. To which the blonde replied, "Hell yeah. There ain't only one, there are fucking hundreds of them!!!"

Come on. Give me a LOL please.

Team Bring It

Saturday, 28 June 2014

World Cup 2014 Update

Blue font: Wrong Prediction
Green font: New Prediction

How many have I got it correct?
Out of 16 teams, I actually have 10 correct predictions. 62.5%. Barely pass.

Yes it is undeniable that the South American teams have done a marvelous jobs here, apart from the unfortunate Ecuador. I was also let down by the Asian teams, especially Japan and South Korea. Algeria and Greece are the two unexpected plot twist. However.....

Seriously, the biggest surprise has to be Costa Rica. Before the World Cup, people are talking about which teams between England, Italy and Uruguay that will qualify. Who would expect Costa Rica to top the group? Not even The Lik's predicted that.

Well well well.....Spain the defending champion is out of the World Cup. How many of you actually see this coming? The end of a golden era for Spain, albeit they try to play a more direct style to feed their newly "recruited" Diego Costa. Unfortunately, things got worse rather than improvement.

And lastly, unsurprisingly England is a flop in the tournament yet again. This time, the poorest record as they only record 1 single point in the group stage and obviously failed to qualify from the group. Well you see, there is always next time for England. The next thousand times. Grin!

On to the individual performance.
The star of the tournament definitely has to be Luis Suarez! Again, hogging the headline for absolutely wrong reasons.
He did a hat-trick.
Hat-trick in biting football players.
Now you know how Apple got its logo.
He was there, always was there.

Do you remember when Suarez pulled out his amazing save to deny Ghana in World Cup 2010? That save was hailed as one of the greatest saves in the 21st century. When Liverpool signed him, everyone thought they have signed a Uruguayan Goalkeeper. Now, that opinion might have to change. Liverpool was actually signing a.........
You bet all the Premier League players are scared of him now.
He will bite them up, chew them, and cook them.
I laugh at Bacary Lasagne.

Before I sign off, to share with you a fun fact.

"When Messi has the ball and looks up, he sees Aguero, Higuain and Di Maria. When Ronaldo has the ball and looks up, he sees .....erm...who is that..... oh well...forget it"

Team Bring It

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

SanguoSha 101

Today, we will be having a test.
A test on your knowledge regarding the most trending card games, SanguoSha 三国杀.
We call this test SGS101.
I invite all readers who have played SanguoSha before to try the test. Since it is only a 100 level unit, it will not be too difficult.

This test will be conducted in Chinese.
I know some of the SGS players cant read Chinese (Yes, this game is just amazing until players who cant read Chinese still insist to play), therefore I will add a few lines of English in order for you to attempt.

Q1 在基本篇里,有哪三张是基本牌?(Name 3 basic cards in the basic version of SGS)

Q2 请问哪一个武将无法被雷劈?(Which warrior will not be struck by lightning?)

Q3 是否可以对自己使用火攻?(Can we use tool card 'Blaze' on ourselves?)

Q4 请问在基本+军争篇里,有多少只 +1 马?(How many +1 horse(s) in the basic + extension pack)

Q5 请列出拥有此特色的武将:刚烈,反馈,奸雄,遗计,放逐,天香,节命;这些技能都无法对他/她启动。

Q6 请问在军争篇里,有多少张卡牌‘酒’?(How many Beer card(s) in the extension pack?)

Q7 魏势力武将的卡牌是什么颜色?(What is the colour for warriors from Wei?)

Q8 哪一个武将的势力与卡片颜色是不一样的?(Which warrior has its card colour different from its force/army?)

Q9 是否可以对自己使用过河拆桥?(Can we use tool card 'Dismantle' on ourselves?)

Q10* 请形容张飞装连弩,卧龙诸葛装八卦的举动。

So, that's all I have for you.
How many question have you got it right?
Question 10 is meant for you to be chillax after going through the 9 questions.
Please do not hesitate to inform/IM me if I happen to provide any misleading question or answer. Afterall, we are constantly learning from each other.


(A1 杀 闪 桃)

(A2 小乔,因为技能 - 红颜)

(A3 可以)

(A4 四只,爪黄飞电,绝影,的卢,骅骝)

(A5 张春华,因为技能 - 绝情)

(A6 五张,可见它的重要性)

(A7 蓝色)

(A8 徐庶,蜀势力,但蓝色,因为历史)

(A9 不可以)

(A10* 多此一举,脱裤子放屁)

Team Bring It

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

5 Grumpy Moments During Travelling

Good day!
I have always wanted to write this post ever since I started travelling to Oz to pursue my degree. Finally a good opportunity for me to travel by plane, to and fro. I have this feeling that every time I travel, whether it is for education or holiday or interview, there will at least be a grumpy moment that I experience.

Fellow readers, do you feel the same too?

#1 Communication Problem
How do you not feeling grumpy when a chicken communicates with a duck?
Quack Quack!
When I was in Bangkok, the taxi driver, the tuk tuk driver all have limited understanding of English. One amazing thing was if you were up on the tuk tuk, they can bring you to anywhere while you only need to utter a single word. They had this telepathy and understand where you want to go.
Please be careful not to mispronounce or misuse any word.
They might interpret or hear wrongly.
The consequence is bad.
You know what happen when you utter Massage in a nice and easy way.

#2 Queuing up in the plane
Oh Come on!
Do you realize that some people just like to grab their luggage as soon as the plane landed? What's worse is they are from the seats near the window, which mean when they move out, you have to move as well and start queuing up in the plane while waiting for the sky aisle to connect.
The grumpy moment goes to "You Stand/Queue, They Rest on your seat, Smiling at you"

#3 Babies in the plane
DO NOT CRY IN THE PLANE! for the entire journey.
A shot of whisky for them.
Nuff said.

#4 Rain oh Rain
I bet nobody likes to travel when it is a rainy season.
Frankly speaking, when it is raining all the time, the entire trip just becomes dull and frustrating. No more proper selfie. No more idling. No more roadtrip. No more mood.
In my humble opinion, raining is one the biggest factor that determines if the trip is A+ or D-.
What say you?

#5 Waiting for luggage to arrive
Oh my lovely God!
I abhor this part the most. Travelling by airplane is already so exhausting, having to queue up at the custom make our mood even worse, but the worst is having to wait for your luggage which I describe as waiting the snail to pull the tortoise to move. Every time a new batch of luggage comes out, my first reaction is to look for my luggage colour, only to get extremely grumpy when the same colour, almost same size luggage does not belong to me.
This perfectly explains my reaction at that time.

Team Bring It

Sunday, 8 June 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

Ole! Ole! Ole!
Welcome to FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil!
The football fever is back!
This time we move across the continent, across the sea all the way to Brazil. It is the first time since 1978 in Argentina that the tournament is staged in South America (fifth time overall).

Adidas Brazuca Ball
The official ball in the tournament. I like this more compared to the Jabulani (official ball) used in South Africa 2010.

This is the 20th FIFA World Cup.
It will be held from 12th June to 13 July 2014.
Get your head right for the one whole month of football frenzy!

Trivia for football fans:
1. There are only 8 teams who have won the World Cup before. Can you name them all?

2. Apart from Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Germany, can you name the other 4 teams which are seeded for this tournament as well? You will be surprised by the answer.

3. This is the first time that goal-line technology will be used in the tournament. Therefore, unlucky incident like Frank Lampard's disallowed goal against Germany will not be repeated.

4. Unfortunately, I have got some bad news for you. Germany top the record by being the most successful/unlucky 2nd and 3rd place finisher, with 4 on each occasion.

5. The fastest goal from kickoff is by Hakan Sukur from Turkey at 10.89 seconds, against South Korea in 2002.

6. The most successful team is Brazil, having won the cup for 5 times. Also, the overall top goalscorer in World Cup history is also a Brazilian, Ronaldo. Yes, that fatty Ronaldo, who had a patch of his hair on his bald head just because his son mis-recognized Roberto Carlos (another baldy) as him.

(Uruguay, Italy, Germany, England, Argentina, France, Spain, Brazil)

(Uruguay, Colombia, Belgium, Switzerland)

Tips for football pundits (gamblers):
1. Of the previous four tournaments held in South America, the winners were all South American teams. Could it be a fifth time lucky this year? (Yes, I am looking at you, Brazil)

2. Spain is the defending champion. Only 2 teams have successfully won back-to-back trophy. They are Italy and Brazil. Can Spain retain their trophy, just like how they retain their European trophy? History beckons.

3. Germany have finished in top three for the last 3 tournaments (2002, 2006, 2010). Can they be a safe bet to be in at least the semi-final again?

So, I am predicting that the host will win the tournament.
Since it is too early to confirm my prediction, I will constantly update the table above (as long as it is before the World Cup begins).
I am also looking at the clash between South American teams and leaning more towards the South American teams to qualify from the group stage because I strongly believe that the location favors them.
Also, Belgium is my dark horse.
I am confident that they will do very well in the tournament. Above expectation.
Sorry Italy.

Lastly, the most important message for........

Messages for football girlfriends:
1. David Beckham is not playing in the World Cup. No. He is NOT playing. But CRonaldo is. Lionel Messi is. Steven Gerrard is. Three names for you to be prepared so that you can show off to your honey.

2. South Korea team do not have oppa from the stars. The players are all from Earth, without any superpower.

3. There will be NO Extra time or Penalty Shoot out at the Group Stage (point system).

4. Yes, there are 22 players chasing after a ball. Please do not say it is boring or nonsense because it is similar to 22 ladies chasing after a half price branded bag.

5. The additional time in a match is usually the length of a song. Please do not keep pestering and ask how long is it and why so long.

6. Please do not feel sad if the team he supported is out of the tournament, because he is used to it once every four years.

7. Spain usually have strikers as defenders and defenders as strikers. It is just that confusing.

8. There are only a few teams that you can support. The team with oppa South Korea, the host Brazil, the defending champ Spain and the team he supports.

Let's go Germany!!!!!

Team Bring It

Monday, 2 June 2014

5 Things that We Have Done Before But Unlikely to Admit

I came across this topic from One FM. In fact they have lots of interesting topics.
I find it quite amusing, hence decide to start my own Top 5 Things.
Ideas are gathered from the internet, from surveys, from forums, from all possible sources. Please enjoy them. Smile, makes the world happy.

1. Take MC from the doctor to stay away from work or school
Employees and Students just love this.
Wear pajamas to the clinic, show the doctor a very weak and pale looking face while having one hand on your stomach, another hand on your head. Perfect!
Please do remember that not to show any excitement after you got your MC....and more importantly remember to take your medicine before you gallop away. I mean slowly walk away.

2. Delete your ugly photos from friends' camera or phone
I do not understand why on earth would people do that, and worse still, why won't they admit that?OK, others might look extremely gorgeous apart from you, and they are ready to upload it to Facebook.
Please, it's your face! There are no ugly photos but ugly faces.
So, which one do you prefer?
I am confident to say that I have a normal pimpled face but an amazing photo. Grin!

3. Accidentally Fart inside an elevator
Oh my god!
Need I say more?
In fact, I would love to hear from those who actually admit that. Please share with me your experience.

4. 1000 excuses on why you are late even though you know that LATE is simply your habit
Come on, look at the people around you.
How many have the courage to say Sorry I am late?
Majority will, but not without the word BECAUSE. Because my cat is using my toilet, Because my dog bites my shirt, Because this, Because that........
I challenge you to be a punctual person.
Keep this good habit even though people around you are not. Spread this habit to them.

5. Refuse to tell your peers your EXACT exam marks
I literally Laugh Out Loud.
This brings back high school life.
A lot will definitely say "Nope, not me....Only those kia su people will do that... Nope not me!"
Think again.
When your result is bad, you feel embarrassed to show it to your friends, except saying "very bad laaaa 很差啦".
When your result is satisfactory, you insist to say "ok la...beh pai...got 8 eh head"
When your result is excellent, afraid of being brand as hao lian (lansi), you say "............" Yes you don't say anything, except you secretly show it to your friends and now you demand "cannot tell anyone ah you...shhhhh...."

What say you? Anything to add to the list?

Team Bring It

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Life in 2048 Puzzle Game

What are we doing with this random number?
It is a game which you can download on your android or apple store.
The way it works is by shuffling your puzzle to the left, to the right, to the top and to the bottom. You try to combine number 2 with another number 2, and it becomes number 4. So, once again, you combine number 4 with another number 4 to become number 8..... and so on until it becomes 2048.

For your advice, if you are only looking at others playing this game, it is definitely not addictive at all. You are safe from the addiction. However, once you started to play the game, I wish you Good Luck in achieving 2048. Maybe not.... because once you reach 2048, there goes 4096. Will you consider your 2048 as an achievement or will you go higher? 

From this game, I learn some good lessons.

Lesson 1: To be successful, it must be simple.
In this case, we are talking about the success of a game. Take a look at Flappy Bird.....It couldn't be any simpler. Lousy graphic....lousy bird.....only tap tap tap. And it's trending worldwide! Same goes for 2048. Only by shuffling the puzzles, it can be so addictive. Similarly in life, the greatest achievement is often the simplest one. Keep It Simple Sweetheart!

Lesson 2: The Beginning is always tough.
Forming a block 4 from two blocks of 2 is easy. Similarly for block 8, block 16 and so on. However, as the number gets bigger and bigger, especially when it reaches block 1024, do remember that you need two blocks of 512 to do so. Then, you realize you need two blocks of 256 to form a single block of 512. Then, another two blocks of 128 to form 256. The number just drives us crazy. It's tough at the beginning, but once you realize the trick, you will be fine for every game. You will reach at least 1024 and hopefully go one step further for 2048.

When you look at it, the same tough road appears in our daily life as well. I can assure you that everything we do at the beginning is definitely the toughest. It takes time, patience and experience to get us through. Yes We Can!

Lesson 3: We are always hungry for more.
Just when you finally reach 2048, that sense of achievement is so great and amazing. You feel on top of the world..... until you realize there are many more greater mountains in front of you. It feels like you only reach the peak of a very small mountain. Therefore, you are going for more! Hungry for bigger number than 2048. You don't need me to repeat the amount of hard work you need to put in to create another block of 2048.

Final Lesson: When we go after a bigger goal, we realize how small our initial goal is.

"The only limits on your life are those that you set yourself"

This is indeed very apt.
Initially, we work our way to achieve 2048, shuffling the blocks with frustration, trying to get the same tiles together, and finally....we reach our goal of 2048. The game will then ask you,
a) Share on social websites
b) Continue playing

I choose to continue playing, because I want to challenge myself to go one step further.
It's not about being addictive, but being able to push yourself to achieve greater challenge. This applies in our daily life. I choose to work on my abs by carry out a few sets of crunches and plank. Tough luck! I can only last a while. Now when I carry out these few sets, I realize they are just easy-peasy. I finally achieve my initial goal of slimming down my tummy. Now, I want to have a cool 6 packs (bigger goal). Time to look for more challenging abs training.

Please do not misunderstood my intention here. I am not encouraging the kids to engross full time in this game, nor become addicted to it. I merely try to encourage you to see things in an inspiring way. Every single little thing that you do in life. Trust me, you will learn amazing experience.

Team Bring It

Monday, 19 May 2014

Premier League Goal of the Season (2013-14)

"You don't win the league if you don't score goals"
That is indeed very true.
Kudos to both Liverpool and Man City for scoring over a century goals in the league this season. Their attacking movements are second to none. The penetration and firepower are simply splendid. It's always a joy to watch them play.

For your convenience, I have selected several possible Goal of the Season (2013-14) for you to enjoy. I have tried my best to pick as much best goals as possible. If I do miss out on any of your favourite goals, please drop me a message. Credits must go to my football buddies for contributing their nominations.

And Here We Go! (Number does not represent the standing, it merely means numbering)

Goal of the Season Number 1
Arsenal Tiki-Taka Goal vs Norwich

Goal of the Season Number 2
Morgan Amalfitano vs Cardiff

Goal of the Season Number 3 
Jonjo Shelvey vs Aston Villa

Goal of the Season Number 4
Wayne Rooney vs West Ham
(Free bonus view of David Beckham as spectators)

Goal of the Season Number 5
Jordon Mutch vs West Brom

Goal of the Season Number 6 
Thomas Rosicky vs Tottenham

Goal of the Season Number 7
Daniel Sturridge vs West Brom

Goal of the Season Number 8
Kasami vs Crystal Palace

Goal of the Season Number 9
Luis Suarez vs Norwich

Goal of the Season Number 10
Sandro vs Manchester United

Goal of the Season Number 11
Osvaldo vs Manchester City

Goal of the Season Number 12
Tettey vs Sunderland

That's all I have.
Personally, number 12 is my Goal of the Season. Too good!
The more I look at it, the more epic the goal is.
What say you?
Kindly tell me your goal of the season.

Team Bring It

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

5 Things You Do Not Know About the Emoji

Yes here we are today discussing about the Emoji.
Just in case you do not know what is Emoji, they are the smiley faces/emoticons that you always use when you whatsapp.
Have you ever thought about their existence purpose?
I flip through all of them, and to my surprise, 90% of the Emoji are rendered useless because I have never ever used them before!!!!

Let us take a look at the 5 Funny things about the Emoji that you might not realize.

1. Zodiac
Does anyone realize this?
On the Nature section, third page (according to my Ipad), there are those animals in the 12 Zodiac, except that they Bo Jio Mr Snake and Mr Monkey.
Apparently, they appear in the earlier page for no reason.

2. July 17th
Oh my god! I have always wanted to use this emoji but I have always missed the date. Anyone knows why July 17th?
But not the other more meaningful dates?
Oh Why oh why?

3. Who is paying the bill every time you use the Credit Card emoji?
Never thought of that?
It's a man called John Appleseed.

All Hail the Man.

4. How much do you know about the emoji?
Please have a guess on the image below.

So how many do you know?
The answers will be revealed.

Dok Diao (cut gugu) Discount
Red Tulip Name Badge?!?!
Mosquito Repellent Hot Spring
Burger King Blue Bank

5. Beware. The emoji, when combined with some other mathematical symbols.... can be very gross. I am not lying.

Team Bring It

Monday, 12 May 2014

Barclays Premier League Gameweek 38 - Season Finale

Finally....we have reached the season finale.
What a season it has been.
Great title fight between Man City and Liverpool, as both clubs go all the way to the last game.
There was no drama on the final day, unlike in 2011-12 season when Man City won the title as the very last gasp. Kudos to Man City for winning the title in style, in their free flowing attacking way. Once again this proves that you can win title by playing entertaining football. For me, that feels like a Double Win!
Winning the title, Winning the crowd!
Edin Dzeko is certainly the best player for Man City in the last 5 matches.
Looks like a Mega Project is beginning in Manchester.
Scary indeed.

That is one 'lucky' fans out there.
Tottenham Manager played one interesting football banter with his fans by inviting him to sit on the bench to manage the club.

"That guy's an expert. Seriously. Every week he tells me what to do. So I gave him the opportunity to do the job." - Tim Sherwood

I believe that this season Man Utd fans have got nothing to cheer on, considering that their club is in a disgusted position. So..... they cheer on other clubs instead.
Nice little banter there.
Care too much for their rivals.

Now, let us take a look at the alternative Premier League table.
The Come Back King table.
Meaning that clubs which have accumulated the most points when they fell behind in the game.
Surprisingly, the winner is
Yes, Tottenham Hotspurs!
They have collected a whooping 17 points when they fell behind, way more than the title challengers Liverpool and Man City.
Unsurprisingly, given their nature of defensive playing style, Crystal Palace has garnered only 2 points when they fell behind, and amazingly 1 of the points come from a spiritual fightback against Liverpool.

Finally, Arsenal is claiming that their season has been hampered by injuries to star players.
Well...a look at the opta stat does not agree with their claim.
Better excuse next time?

See you on next season!

Team Bring It