Monday, 3 December 2012

HR 16 - Where Awesomeness Overwhelms

A place where awesomeness overwhelms.
Also a temporary relief place to accommodate friends & guests.
Trivia: More than 30 known people have stayed and gone.

Awesome Residents of the house.
To be honest with you,the house itself is not so awesome afterall.It is just a small and old house,but.....the residents there are awesome and trolling.
Oh ya,I am talking about the people up there,including myself.
Self-PLP. Grin!

The residents,the lucky guests and the yet-to-be-granted-Permanent-Resident penguin boy.
Well,the best part about this house is that it is like the central point,where friends who visit Sydney must at least stay there for a night. Be it transit or holidays,this house sure has done its job very well,to accommodate those who need a shelter.

There is a rule to stay in this house.
Maybe I should say a culture.It is the JIO-culture (invite-culture).
Regardless of where you go,what you are about to buy,who you go out with,you must announce it to all the residents in the house as a courtesy of uplifting the JIO-spirits!
Otherwise,you will most likely to hear the word BO-JIOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! which can shame you to death.
This culture is very contagious in the house.Those who have gone paranoid over this culture are beginning to show symptoms of over-JIO-ing people. For example,when you are about to sleep,please whatsapp the residents GOODNIGHT or otherwise the critical word of BO JIO will shame you to death once again. Soooooooo scary.
The next time people say this to you,you should proudly reply.........
Nahhhhh JIO la!

I believe that I have told you I will be putting my 1 year life in this house on this very blog.Thus,I guess it's about time to share with you what the residents normally do.Trust me,it's very natural.We didn't take this on purpose. LOL! (well the other way round actually)

This should be called the Diary of HR16 Residents.

1. ZhengLik Yeap
Typical Penang Ah Pek having lonely breakfast at early morning.
Reason: No One in the house has breakfast!

2. Jenny Gan aka Zhu Mi Mi

24/7 ready to jump in and scare the residents.
Reason: Too much free time.If not,she will only walk aimlessly in the house.

3. Wong Sun Siew
24/7 playing her Iphone.
Wait a minute,she only appear during dark hours. 
Correction: 12/7 playing her Iphone.
Reason: She is the descendant of The Dark Knight.Her ancestor is too busy trying to save the world,thus she must fully utilize all the accumulated free time to access to apple product.

4. Wong Voon Bing
Chef in the house.
Partner of descendant of Dark Knight.Thus,making him a justice lover.
Reason: the pillow hugging guy has face problem - an evil sin on earth.By the way,just take a look at the red pointer and the thing circled in red.Apparently,this mysterious guy has a personal vendetta towards the evil pillow hugging monster.

5. Koon Chun Foong aka Chok Fung
Other than working,he will be playing SanguoSha with Zhu Mi Mi.
Reason: to improve his Chinese language
Being a Banana,it's difficult for him to read the descriptions but he has overcome this hurdle by winning the HR16 SGS Championship Title,proving the critics wrong.

6. Nerds
Reason: Symptoms of being actuarial students,and younger brother of actuarial student.
It feels good if you pull up your pants when you are stress.

As you read and read and read,you do realize that I have missed out on a few residents/TR.Do you realize the pattern that I am trying to use? Think.......
COULD IT BE that the residents that I left out are still SINGLE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Let's see.

7. Ooi Choong Hern
Status: It's complicated!
Being the smartest in the house,he loves to take naps all the time.
It's not surprising that you find him taking nap for half the time.
Reason: Relieve stress/Revise notes in the dream

Other than sleeping,he does have a hobby.
Playing water gun.Shooting the Actuarial God.The act of Deicide!
Well,it's no big deal to practice your watergun skills.We do it all the time.
I just have a piece of advice for him.

Can you please wear proper pants before you do this?

You see,among the friends in the group,there are always friends who make fun,friends who are being bullied,friends who love nothing but eat,friends who are hamsap,friends who can sing very well and many more.There is only a type of friend that MUST exist in the group.Friend (note the singular) who always give you assignments to copy/enlighten you on your studies.

You do not need many of them,only ONE will do.

8. Actuarial God (Niwa Law)
Status: Obviously SINGLE!
The act of praying to the God.
I am sorry about the act of deicide because obviously we do not have the courage to do that yet,for the sake of our studies and assignments.
Maybe now that we have graduated,we shall watergun him to the wettest!

By the way,do you realize that there are a few praying positions that need to be taken care of?

Firstly,there is a corpse.
That's definitely not how you pray.

Secondly,there is a guy praying to his own god above him.It's irony because the real God is just right in front of him!!!!! 

The act of a filial prayer.
Real praying position.But the others seem to be disrespectful!!!!!!!
Even the almighty God (niwa law) laughs at him!!!!!!
This prayer demands RESPECT!

9. Kang Ling Keat
Status: FOREVER alone!
Do you wish to know why he is always bullied by the others,despite being the most muscular,strongest and most-manly in the house?

Do you find any similarity from the above 3 pictures?
Yes,he smiles at the camera all the time,regardless of stipulations and situations.

First crime: Smile at the camera alone without JIO-ing everyone! See,bo jio makes people really angry.
Second crime: Still smile at the camera when everyone else is taking a serious family photo.
Third crime: Insist to smile at the camera when the stipulation requires everyone to make ugly face/yong sui face.

The consequence of trying to be the anti-hero,anti-public,anti-social.Better not.

Oh by the way,no offence but the ugliest face has to go to Jenny Gan.LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!
Really LMAO!
My ass is seriously not attaching to my chair now!!!!!

*Crawling up from the floor to continue my blogging*

The residents of HR16 are all my great friends.
But I do have a few other great friends whose Permanent Residency status in HR16 has yet to be approved.They are non other than Niwa Law and..........

10. Tan Boon Teck
Status: My best friend
Obviously the noob guy on the right.
By the way,please meet the trios from Dunmore Lang College.
If I have to state a type of friend which Ah Boon belongs to,he is definitely in the category of friend who informs you of every university admin stuffs.Anything you are not sure regarding to your studies,feel free to look for him.Who needs student enquiry service in Macquarie university now?

He is also a type of friend that is being bullied by the others.
Take a look at his good friends' reaction when he tried to bid farewell to them.
Everybody looks like they have hit the jackpot or lotto!!!!!
No one except me is sobbing for his departure.
Am still sobbing now.Wuwuwuwuwuuuu!

That basically sums up my epic university life with them.These are the friends that fill up your missing puzzles in life.I am very grateful to have come here.

Signing off the post with a HR16 + guests Oppa Gangnam style!

Thank you people!
Thank you fellow residents of HR16.
This is definitely one of greatest highlights in my university life,if not in my life.
Thank you for being my friends.
Thank you for all the nonsense and fun that all of you brought to the house.

TeamBringIt #HR16
#With Love


you guess said...

yea thanks for the "Obviously single" =.=
Thanks friend =)

Niwa's gf said...

the actuarial god is not single...