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Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat 112

I believe you should watch the funny video before fully engross yourself into my Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat experience.

A simple,with humour added video to highlight the dirty tricks that might be used.
Applause for the video creator.
I personally love the part where Chua CD carries the finishing line towards Ah Jib Gor. Had a good laugh really.

Yo Yo Yo!
Wassup people!
"We reject corruption and BN cronies. Your presence tell BN we do not want a government for cronies but a government for the people!"
That was part of the speech from CM Lim Guan Eng during the 112 himpunan.

I whole-heartedly agree with that statement. I don't want the rich to get richer,and the poor to be poorer.Widening the gap is not a solution. Those rich people think they can help the poor through donation, but the fact is poor people outnumber the amount that the rich can provide. By the way,in my humble opinion,donation should only go to the victims,not the poor.The Poor have every rights and wills to fight for their own livings. The extra little thing they need is the help form the government. Nuff said.

And yes,
Ladies and Gentlemen,I finally participated in the rally in Kuala Lumpur for the first time in my life. Damn Proud of this!
I was struggling on whether to attend the rally due to plenty of objections from my family but in the end, I decided to join the rally because I wanted to,still want to contribute a small part for the future. By attending this,at least I did show my action of dissatisfaction against the current corrupted government. They said action spoke louder than words. Thus, rather than just condenming and criticizing the government on the web, I might as well take this opportunity to put my words into action.

A very proud young man bringing it at stadium merdeka. #Blood #Sweats #future

Here's the funny thing when I went to the stadium by KTM.
Before that,I have to sincerely commend the new 6 coach ktm because it really made my ktm experience much better than before. The aircond was functioning well,not so crowded in the coach,more importantly I dont have to worry about my things being stolen due to less "sardine" situation. However their slogan of Ontime everytime should be quite a nice joke made to cheer the rakyat.

Anyway, back to the funny experience. When I bought my ticket, I actually showed the 1Malaysia ktm card which would get me a half price ticket. Because I was wearing the Bersih 3.0 T-shirt, the receptionist started to laugh to himself. I totally knew what he was thinking,thus I told him "Guna kad ini untuk pi bantah Najib! Pandai kah?" He could not hide it anymore and burst into laughter while "praising/condemning" my proud action.
There this 50% Discount Card.
Though I would prefer not to have his face up there.
Demi the 50%, I shall tolerate that. Berpendapatan rendah tak da kuasa cakap. Being Oppressed!

Anyway,back to the 112 himpunan.
I have to say,no...I mean SHOUT "there were many many people! Humongous Crowd! Amazing!"
Malays and Indians everywhere.
Chinese no where to be seen.....not yet to be seen.
I believed that the group that I joined was not mainly Chinese dominance group,thus only a few Chinese can be spotted. Thank God I was proven wrong when I reached the Stadium. All races can be seen at there. Very Very Proud of them.

Amazingly lots of people marching towards Stadium Merdeka.
Satu Hati, satu bangsa, satu matlamat, inilah Satu Malaysia!
No need spend money to employ people to come up with this slogan one.

Even a Malay was holding up Chinese propaganda. Thumb's up!
Oh btw,what's the conclusion of Teoh Beng Hock case?
File closed? or what?
How long must our judiciary take to find out the truth? Haih............

Meanwhile,when everyone was busy shouting the slogans,a guy fainted due to the heat.
Fortunately for him,Rela members immediately attended to him.
That was the time when I saw everyone tried to listen to the instructions given by the Rela members and together they lifted him slowly,but steadily away from the crowd.
Malaysians Spirit!
Kasih Sayang dan Bantu-Membantu.

Having said that,one of the aims that I went to the himpunan was to see a few big names at there. Unfortunately,the stadium was already overly-crowded with people, so I did not get to enter. Sob! However,I still had the opportunity to meet the National Laureate and Bersih 2.0 Chairperson, Pak Samad.

You need not see his face.
His epic white hair has told you nothing but his arrival!

Before we went back,we saw a man with big diamond ring!!!!
Rosmah's friend?

Duit Kroni!
By the way,before we left,he told us RM bukan Ringgit Malaysia,but Rosmah Mansor!

By the way,let me show you why I could not enter the stadium.
Scary reason!
Taken from Facebook.
Sincerely intimidated by the crowd.
Somehow,my initial thought told me that this picture had been photoshopped.
However,saying that is wrong.
I accidentally saw a guy sharing his video regarding the situation in Stadium Merdeka on his facebook. Only then,I felt extremely pleased and excited and goosebumps!

Lastly, I have a few words to say.
If you think democracy and change will arrive at your doorstep while you are sitting in the house,insisting your so called morally supports,think again! I implore all of you to think again.
Moral support is good but can never take you far,Action always opens up new path for you to explore!
Therefore,ladies and gentlemen,
Please....Reflect and Do what you think is the best for a brighter future. Your children and future generations will be grateful to you.

Let me end the post by sharing the hottest song with you.
The Malaysian Gangnam Parody - UBAH Rocket Style.

I just find this parody amusing and interesting.
I hope you take it as a joke to have a good laugh at,instead of being an extremist to condemn the creator of this or the people who share this.

Team Bring It
Zheng Lik

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