Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Balik Pulau Lodge 客家山寨

Every obstacle is difficult,but still overcome it!

That was the slogan hanging up high on the Balik Pulau Lodge.
Enjoyed the fun,Enjoyed the game,Enjoyed the stay.
2 days 1 night.

When you reach the lodge,you will be greeted by the mother nature.
Gigantic Spider!

Do not worry,you don't touch them,they don't touch you.
Fair Enough.
Look at how big the cobweb is.
Amazing display of hardwork and patience.

Place to overnight?
Up the house.
20+ Mosquitoes Tents
Hell lots of mosquitoes at the lodge. Prepare an electric racket if you happen to visit there.
You will be guaranteed lots of roasted mosquitoes for your dinner.

Anyway, if you were up there, you must have a leader who is responsible to come up with all the games. Fortunately,the leader for the trip was Mayfield.
Call him the Host!
His first task was to divide the participants into 2 teams.
Tough job as he tried to balance the ability of both teams. Parasites a side, Talents on the other side.

1st Game
Testing the strength of your lips.
The game requires you to use a straw and lift all the heavy screws from one side of the table to another side. The fastest team wins!

2nd Game
Testing the size of your lung / your breathing capacity
The first person must suck the ping pong ball from a cup,filled with flour. Then while sucking the ball,he/she passes to the next person and this carries on until the final person. The last person is responsible to use a pair of chopsticks Chinese brushes to "clip" the ball and..............

Walk a freaking long distance and place the ball on top of the bottle.
The team with highest points wins!

3rd Game
Ba Ku Li travelling inside a pipe
Use all the pipes to connect a route for the ba ku li to travel from one destination to another.
Took up very long time just for one ba ku li to travel.
Not very physics minded I guess.

4th Game
Flipping the disc and clip it single-handedly.
The number of discs you clip at the end of the game is your score.
Very technical game,but interesting.
Amazingly the best scorer for this game was a girl. With a score of 14 out of 24! Surprise!

5th Game
Calligraphy Competition
Feel free to compare both teams' achievements.
Equally ugly I guess.
The winner of this game is decided by the amount of quotes that the members can write. The quotes are from those 三字经 弟子规. Even harder than memorizing the history textbook.

6th Game
Blowing the ping pong into the shot cup.
The steps are given as above.
Arrange the bottles,then the shot cup at the back.After that,start blowing the ping pong ball. Celebrate when you score!

7th Game
The most important game during Chinese New Year.
Good kid sleeps at the back,addict plays with a towel to wipe the sweats because it's too JEHHHHHHHH!

All the games but no food shall not make a good trip.
Therefore,prepare tons of food when you travel up there. The easiest things to prepare are none other than steamboat.
Enough said.
One big family.
Please excuse the host. Just too hungry. Couldn't be bothered by the phototaking.

For your information,they will prepare the pots and plates for you.
Don't worry.

Extra game for you if you found those games above are not enough to satisfy you.
I call it the Temple Run!
Run down the hill road and catch the car which moves rather slowly along the hill road.
Give it your best!

With that,I sign off with a map obtained from the website.
For further information,visit their facebook page or google balik pulau lodge.

Last but not least,I believe that everyone would like to thank Mayfield for his efforts in organizing this event. Big Thank You and hopefully you have fulfilled your childhood dreams!


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