Monday, 4 February 2013

PSY in Penang! ver2

(Will constantly update this post due to more and more information regarding PSY's performance in Penang)

Yo yo yo!
Let us put aside the Hong Kong Disneyland Fairytales and take a good look at the most shocking yet epic news in Malaysia.
No,not election time yet.
No,BN still rule our nation.
OPPA GANGNAM style in Penang!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes,to all the Gangnam Style fans, PSY will be in Penang on February 11, at Han Chiang High School. According to Penang BN publicity head, PSY will perform his gangnam style dance to entertain the audience.
Actually,this should be an exciting moment for all the Malaysians,especially those from Penang because we all know that PSY's gangnam style has become a world recognized trend. I am pretty sure everyone has heard of the dance.

However,his visit to Penang has been overshadowed by the fact that Najib is the one who invites him here.Because of Najib's not so good reputation among the Malaysians,a lot of his fans are actually questioning the modus operandi behind his invitation to Penang. Well, you see, the election is very very near. So.... I do not know Najib's intention.

But put aside politics,let us enjoy the performance by PSY on the 11th of February. After all,it's free entry!!!!! Anyone can go!!!!! Oh by the way, do you know how much Najib actually spent to invite PSY to perform his instant hit Gangnam style?

Make a guess!

Rumours said 3 millions. Some said 5 millions. Earlier reports said 1.5 millions. The answer is

Just in case you don't read Chinese, the headline writes "PSY Free of Charge"
Everything is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
We don't have to pay to watch PSY to perform,similarly PSY doesn't charge us a single penny to perform.So he is doing charity?!?!?!
Rumours said someone is sponsoring him to perform in Penang,thus the government does not have to pay anything. Stop worrying about your taxpayer money.
Najib sure has a way to turn things around. All hail the Najib!

Enough of my amazement.
Also,enough of this bullshits la. How do you expect the Malaysians to believe in such things? See,my friend's first reaction is WHERE GOT SO NICE?
You know, Malaysians are not too dumb yet.
Phew.......masih ada hope to change.

Alright. Whether it's free or not,one thing is for sure that PSY will be performing on 11th of Feb and our entry is free! That's a guaran-dam-tee.
Well,don't get too excited just yet.
PSY might change his mind and decide not to perform in Penang if...........

(maaf la,kena put the picture small small sikit,arbo sia sui lang ahhhhh)
This lady decides to give him a hug.

To all the Malaysians anti hero who keep on posting essays on PSY's facebook official page, please think again. Where do you think the millions will go to if Najib has not spent it at inviting PSY to perform for us? Very obvious answer.
Anyway,it's Chinese New Year. Let's enjoy some big festivals!

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