Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hong Kong Disneyland - Add on version

Yo yo yo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you still remember that in the previous post on Hong Kong Disneyland , you were told that a secret lies behind the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort?
Today,the answer will be revealed.
Right here,Right Now!

The Amazing Maze!
I thought this only appears in Astro Disney Channel.
Now,dream comes true.
It's just happy to see kids running around in the maze,looking for a way out. Nostalgia.

Spot the two travelers!
Isn't it great to run deep into the maze and pose?

Disneyland Hotel
From the back. Simply amazing and solid.
The entire hotel is very old-school,with a kind of western culture intertwine with the Asian Culture.
Feel really good to visit it.

Inside the hotel,at the lobby.
It's not Disney without Mickey and Minnie.

Christmas trees,Christmas Gifts everywhere in the hotel.
Signalling "Jingle Bell,Jingle Bell"
Yes,Christmas in a few days time.
The atmosphere was well complemented by the breezing weather. Thumb's Up!

Well,that was a visit to the Disneyland Hotel.
The two travelers stayed at the other hotel in Disneyland. Disney's Hollywood Hotel.
Equally awesome,except without the Western Culture feeling.
Instead,they have a mini Hollywood style at the backyard of the hotel.

Mickeys everywhere in the hotel.
No deposit needed.
Free gifts!

At the backyard.
A long path before you can see the big headings of HOLLYWOOD HOTEL!
Let me show you.

Always proud to see the heading of HOLLYWOOD.
Next aim,take a photo with HOLLYWOOD behind me in Los Angeles. That will be epic and memorable.

At the Mini Hollywood highway, there were 2 old school cars.
That's why the photo effect is in 1960's style.

With all the battle items, the next journey is awaiting the 2 awesome travelers!
Proudly,steadily and aggressively collecting the battle items.

With that, the journey in Hong Kong Disneyland comes to the end.
The smallest Disneyland in the world has been conquered.
Next dream : Tokyo Disneyland.

Team Bring It

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