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MSA Spartans!

Fellow readers,
Today this post will be blogged in a Report style.
Yes,to bring back your primary memory of writing a report. Do you still remember that you were once the student asked by the teacher to write a Laporan?
For myself,I remember it vividly about my first ever Laporan.I handed in to my tuition teacher and was reprimanded badly by her because I included my own personal thoughts into the Laporan. Well,at least now I know that a Laporan must be unbiased and only reported necessary stuffs.

Therefore,today the report is all about MSA Spartans, an event organized by Macquarie University Malaysian Student Association (MSA).

A group photo.
Something that was missing on last semester.
5 teams competed for glory. 5 players per team. Boys and Girls mix around!
Total prize money of AUD$300 up for grab,with $150 for the Champion, $100 for the 1st runner up and $50 for third place.
One good thing about this event was there's no registration fee.
From accounting perspective, your expected return was at least,for certain a positive note. Well, from actuarial perspective, maybe your time value was greater than $AUD300,thus making this return a negative one. Having said that,if you were viewing from a MSA member's perspective, this event was definitely on a high positive note because of all the fun!

The first competition was 3 vs 3 Basketball!
It was a great event,as you can see from the photos above. There was rebound photo, epic lay-up but MISSED, jumping shot and a high angle jump shot. Mix them around,and you will realize that it was a healthy competition.
The only regret about this competition was it should be a 5 vs 5 Basketball instead of 3. The reason was obviously to get every player from the team to involve themselves.
I believe that was where the great fun came from. (Shit,personal opinion is not allowed in the report!)

Anyway,if you realized,I..........I mean ZhengLik wasnt in any of the photos above.
He was too busy acting like a manager on the court.
Shouting instructions and strategy at the sideline.

The irony part was the photographer happened to capture all these tactical instructions photos.

The next competition was...........

It will not be a MSA Spartans without the football competition.
The universal language that connects everyone together.
Forget about MSA for a moment. LOL!
Credits to the photographer for capturing all these super awesome shooting stunts!
How many of them turned into goals?
You guess.

Lastly,the final competition of the morning was............

Team Old Man was ready to go!
What competition was that?
How about I give you a hint. (Fail again,shouldn't do this in a report!)

Wasn't that very obvious now?
What else could it be?
6 balls in the middle of the court. There was only one game! ONE Dodgeball game!
To be a MSA Spartan,you have got to ATTACK the enemy!!!!!

The whistled blown!
Signalling the beginning of the WAR!
Players were rushing to grab the ball.Amazingly in that photo,the opponent had decided to not fight for the balls,leaving Team Gen Y to sapu all the "bullets".
Well,the reason for inserting another extra 2 photos was to show you that Dodgeball can be played by hands as well as legs. Therefore,you can hentam your balls at the enemies or even better,kick them towards the enemies.
The good thing about using hands was high accuracy.
For using legs,you are going for POWER, but very low accuracy. Well,at least you can scare off the enemies.

If you played dodgeball before,you should be able to figure out the strategy in the photo above.
Zhenglik was rushing to grab the ball, and he passed it back to ChoongYean.
Next up,Mr Yean pounced forward and struck the enemies while the enemies were still snatching the balls.
It was called the Shot Gun!

Before the final results was announced, we shall enter commercial break.

During commercial break,The Lik challenged the Sports Director to a free throw competition.
The difference was you have to throw the ball backward.
Sounds challenging!

And then, the most anticipated moment has arrived.
The 1st Runner up and Third place belong to.................
Team Gen Y!!!!!
Team Latest?
Sorry for my bad report. I was extremely confused by all the teams' name.

The Champion of the day went to..........
Team Old Man!!!!!!!!
Taking the Champion photo with 2 Sports Directors!
Despite being the eldest among the other teams,Team Old Man still managed to scrape a victory. $150 in the pocket. Grin!

Before the report ends,I would like to thank MSA for organizing this event. The more events organized,the better the club,the happier the members!

Team Bring It

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