Tuesday, 14 May 2013

511 Sydney Fight for Democracy

Nuff said.
It's a silent fight!
Not much words needed to describe this event.

The fight for democracy for our beloved nation never stops until we claim that.
Lawan Tetap Lawan!
If all those veterans did not give up, we the young Malaysians will not give up as well. At the end of the storm will be golden light. No one will walk alone!
I am sure a lot will think that this is a political motivated event. However, to me, it is a fight for democracy. A fight for my nation. Full stop.
To involve politic inside is just nonsensical.

Credits to Ethan for making this video.Well done!

Lastly,a very interesting video on the night we fought for democracy in Sydney.
Around 200 people turned up.
Every Malaysian in the world will unite and create a better Malaysia!
No one wants to give their children and future generations a not-democratic and dirty Malaysia. That's why we never back down from the oppression!
Good night!
Long Live Democracy!

Team Bring It

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