Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Road Trip to Southern Highland

The Lik says Finally.....................
Finally The Lik has come back to The Special Blog!

I took a long hiatus due to heavy workload required by my studies as well as part of my lazy cells. Anyway, without wasting another second,let me bring you to explore the interesting road trip to Southern Highland! A place for scenic view and chillax!

The amazing view at Southern Highland.
What a welcoming scene!
I feel like cover myself under those red and orange leaves. Do it like a sir!

The Sunset. 咸蛋黄!
Cant believe that we actually chased after the sun before it went to hide and handed over to the beautiful moon.
Hereby,we stopped by the roadside and caught a few photos.

At Southern highland, there were few tourist attraction places that we went as well.
One of them was Fitzroy Falls.
It's a waterfall.
There you go.
A group of 10,if you know what I mean. A combination of boys and girls, handsome and beauties, husbands and wives, *** and thin.
Nuff said.

The waterfall.
We actually went on top of the fall. Nothing special but crystal clear + chilly water.

The one thing that I like about the road trip was you can literally stop at anywhere you like.
We saw a huge plain greenery, a wooden fence that amazingly can support huge weights, so we dropped by and took a photo. Follow our heart and do what we want! Act like a group of adrenaline rush teenagers!
That night, we were still young.

Some kung fu demonstrations.
Looks like I was not good at being kicked. Of course I preferred to kick somebody. Kicking ass like a sir!
Personally, I think by looking at the first photo, both of us deserved to be recruited to star for IP MAN 3. Donnie Yen, step aside please.

By the way, we stopped by an amazing shop which sold a lot of sweets.
Oh my! Does the photo bring back your childhood memory?
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the pizza and burger sweets photo to show you. You will instantly say, damn I miss those sweets!

Lastly,signing off with my trademark quote.
4 years in Sydney, first road trip, at least I get to leave Sydney by saying I had done one road trip before. One of the many things that fills up the void in my life.
A chapter in my life journey.

Team Bring It.

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