Sunday, 4 August 2013

WWE Tour in Sydney!

That's how epic the atmosphere was on Saturday night at Allphones Arena where I went to watch the real World Wrestling Entertainment World Tour in Sydney!
I am a die hard wrestling fans, ever since I started watching wrestling in standard one. The Rock was my favourite, is still my favourite, not to mention The Undertaker who I consider as a legend in the business. However,we must all acknowledge that WWE is all about business and entertainment. New generations of superstars must emerge to carry the company forward.
At the moment, my favourites are CM Punk and Daniel Bryan!

Inside the amazing allphones arena.
To be honest,from my distance,I can watch clearly what's going on. Every move they performed, every stunt action. It was just that my Ipad camera resolution was low only.
Too bad, not much photos to share with you.

My experience told me that if you want to sit close to the stage,you must get the very front row tickets so that you can clap the wrestlers' hands. Otherwise, sitting at the furthest is the same. So for me, it's either the frontiest row or the furthest row. Grin!

For this tour, CM Punk was not there,but Daniel Bryan was there!
The chant of YES YES YES echoed throughout the arena and Daniel did not disappoint us by delivering an amazing performance.

I was really proud to be there and watched my first live wrestling show.
The experience was valuable.
Childhood dream achieved!

a video that I managed to take.
Everyone just loved to chant YES YES YES!
This shows how much the fans around the world love Daniel Bryan. Indeed, Respect the beard!

Team Bring it.

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